The Aquaholic

by Sleepyface

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released December 25, 2014

by Adrian Silva, Ashley Eldridge, Damian Silva, Marco Montero, Jason Guadalupe, Antonio Borges, + Sarah Hollins
recorded on a cross country trip in 2011
released on Mad Happy Records
album art by Mike Bond + Tara Jacoby



all rights reserved


Sleepyface Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cement Shoes
It's this early August, it has me hot and under trees
The train keeps passing by leaving it's battery steam
It's all effecting my thoughts and there's a grey overcast
But you know I helped make that
And I have problems, make big bangs, shake the clouds, and rain on parades
The nicest thing I'll do is get you wet, yet I can't wait to show you love
But I know someone else who already does
Well this was fun, can someone please cue the breeze and sun

This wind makes me wonder, These rays make me calmer
Your absent makes anger, We could have been lovers

Now I want to drink, is this like me
It helps me sleep and I never do, but I can dream
And I don't want to sound so forward, bare with me
I'm a heavy thinker and my head is tearing at the seams
Collect my words prior to this, take cover while I release
No such thing as a timid tsunami
I hope you can swim, as well as you can fool
Can someone please cue the moon and it's magnetic pull

These waves make me sober, These drinks make me somber
Your words taunt my anger, We could have been lovers

Now crush me, fill my lungs
wash me to shore wearing the loyalist face blue
I hit bottom and I don't even have cement tied to my shoes

This silence sounds awkward, The sound makes me darker
Your scent makes me anger, We could have been lovers.
Track Name: Queen Salacia
And on my return can I kiss you hello
Would it be too much, should I say something grown up
Have you out grown me, have you out grown trees, should I back down
Can you act like I never put down the crown and been the one

Wake up, Wake up it's almost morning
You know how they feel when they find us in company
They'll search the city, skim the rooftops, 5 car squad
and your dad yelling thank God
I have you home returned in one piece
Today we can say we never touched nor teased
Saliva exchanged only from the blunt
Lips to lips, no kiss, no tssk tssk

From the top of the world to the bottom of my feet
I'll never let this feeling bring me down to my knees
This town can try, but one stop over there are plenty of beaches we can go hide
I'm alone looking for company, these big mix drinks send mix feelings
This is the blues, I feel toxic, well enough for you
Track Name: Swimming In Sewers
Who knew, you did.
I've been swimming in the sewers of New York City
You may know it as a little place called New Jersey
I had premonitions of a better day
I rise up out of the grey water and walk glass beaches
And to the tops of trees to see what's ahead of me
Down through tunnels and poured into a man made city

And for what? I hated everything I saw and what it did to me
I packed to see the world, to learn the truth miles from home
and ignorance out the door, I plan to see more and more and more

My jeans starched I found myself in Boise
In love with life so thankful for this towns light
With a horseshoe-shape smile, and on the edge of my seat
I whisked away to work, eat, sleep, and prey
Money is the prey, but before I do
I face my lungs on breathing in cleaner than where we are
North California is where
There's something in the wind

After all is said and done I hope you accomplish goals you had our eyes set on
I'm here now and I'm proud
We bow for ourselves and the generations who made and gave us all of this.
Track Name: Boredwalk
Better than butter, better than bread
Better than sex in the biggest bed
I cant compare it to love

The dynamic of male and female is old as the dust
Not to bore you with simple details of step one
*Not to bore you with simple details but it's us

A bottle of water and bitter coffee
Candy for you, a smoke for me
A dash across the states
This is for you, not stories, babe

We didn't go to bed hungry, upset, or alone
We saw everything, and picked our future home.
Track Name: Bowline
I'm on another page in some other book
It's in a different language, torn cover, and missing chapters

I'm the key attached to the kite
The kid taking brainwaves for ride
I'm the man tying the knots, connecting the dots
Who's all hung up

Angst is dead, but the pretentious fucks live
Born buoyant, the deepest plunges don't phase him
Track Name: Beach Days
You see the same path I see, You think you see it differently
No goal will be abandon, no words of discouragement will tangle
The reason we got excited originally, was it all someone else's dream
Somethings came true, but nothing comes easy
Except for quitting youth. I'm tired of telling myself and you.

My vocal chords are torn and have been sore for years
I'm sorry my friends I should have been a meteorologist
Then I could predict bad weather on the perfect days
And we could have all the beach days

I have a negative tongue today
Stay away but if I spend much time alone I'll talk myself into a death
I ruined my life to save yours, I made an example of myself
Knowing you're smart enough to see right through me
But here you stand before me, in front me, ahead of me.
Me, me me me, It's called the selfish disease.